Why Commercial Cleaning is important for your business

The saying that “first impressions last longer” may sound like a platitude, but it is, however, replete with wisdom. A client who walks into an organization that is clean and tidy is instantly impressed by the notable efforts to maintain an orderly office. The conclusion of such person will be that the company would be one which is careful in its dealings as well as business conduct. Office cleaning services ensure your organization sparkle with warmth, and also transmit a sense of cleanliness adding a significant value to your business.

But commercial cleaning goes beyond the clients, your staff is expected to be physically present for about 40 hours per week at the office; possibly more, considering the intensifying competition for employment, individual eagerness to ascend the corporate ladder and also ramped up expectations of management. Operating in an atmosphere that has not been properly sanitized, is absolutely an invitation for the wide spread of health problems among employees. This is a slap in the face, on the one hand, an increase in the cost of medical benefits for the infected personnel and, additionally, an increase in employee recovery time, resulting in the risk of delays in implementation of the project. Cleaning services should, therefore, be regarded as a vital contributor to the overall productivity of the business.



The time that will be required for the provision of the service must also be put into consideration in the arrangement. Obviously, no business institution would wish to have its working hours interrupted by cleaning personnel, so typically, cleaning services providers operate very early in the morning, in such a manner that they are out the business premises before the early birds start rolling out to begin their day.

Basically, two hours is sufficient for cleaning of the office. The space involved is not a function of the time required but determines the number of workers who would be assigned to the task. Immediately the working hours begin, only a skeleton personnel will be held in the office by the company.

This personnel will stay till the closure of standard working hours to render cleaning of the washrooms as soon as possible, and also for cleaning up the cabinet as well as any spillages when necessary.

The services will cover the cleaning of the surface of the entire office premises – pantry, workstations, record rooms, washrooms, etc. All furniture, fittings, fixtures, appliances such as mirrors, fans, window glass panes, tube lights, wash basin, taps, sinks, telephones, tables, chairs, computers, etc. will be kept clean.

The service will be offered by a specialist team which will ensure the utilization of bio-degradable chemicals and friendly disinfectants depending on whether the surface to be cleaned is made of steel, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc.

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